Who We Are

Meet the Adventurers


Played by Joe

Corbin Silvertarn is an Assamir Paladin who hails from Dessarin Valley. As a youth, Corbin spent time tending to his family farm and spending time with one of the few other demihumans in the area, a tavernkeeper’s son named Khafra. In his mid twenties, he left home to follow the will of Kelemvor and eventually rose to be a paladin in service to the Lord of the Dead.

Between duties as an itinerant knight, Corbin found himself drawn to Waterdeep to walk the City of the Dead. In the city, he also came across friends old and new.

Always focused on being ready to combat evil where-ever it may dwell, Corbin spends his time outside of adventure honing his mind and body with meditation and exercise.


Played by Ben

Khafra Tanaab is a tiefling wizard who hails from the Dessarin Valley. Tiefling son of human parents, his upbringing was other than with his childhood friend Corbin. When Khafra showed potential for magic, his family sent him off to Cormyr to train – where they believed that the military mages could instill discipline in him.

It didn’t stick, and after a series of misadventures, he found himself working with unsavory characters. Now trying to play it straight, he finds himself being lured closer to the dark once more.

Khafra enjoys calligraphy, sampling drinks, and gambling.


Played by Andrew

Malaggar is a drow ranger who hails from the Underdark. An enigmatic artist, Malaggar is aloof and adventurous – all the better to avoid the obligations and creditors that hound him for reasons ranging from paternity suits to guild debts.

Malaggar’s hobbies include recreational lockpicking, oenophilia, trail running, and sharpening his artistic skills.


Played by Mike

Manny Lowfield is a human monk who hails from the Moonsea. Soon as he was old enough, he left his small village behind to seek adventure – and found himself caught up in the occupation of Phlan by the green dragon Vorgansharax. Manny was liberated from the city by the Order of the Gauntlet and worked for them for a time until his mentor was slain in combat.

No longer drawn to the Order, he found himself drawn to the bottle – and into brewing. With a desire to sell his home-brewed Rockshade Ale, he set out to find a market for the brew.

Manny’s hobbies include sampling various brews, learning about horticulture and flavors, and meeting new people.


Played by Ron

Xasper is a half elf bard who hails from the Moonsea. As a youth, he was inspired by tales of heroes and adventures and left at a young age to pursue both his fortune and the opportunity to inspire others to the acts of heroism he had grown up learning about.

Xasper has been exploring Faerun as a traveling troubadour and found himself drawn to Waterdeep where he knew he could meet up with former adventuring companions.

Xasper’s hobbies include learning more about music from the elemental planes.


The DM

Paige HS - Resized

Paige Leitman

Paige has been playing D&D since 1982 and started the game by drawing in her younger brother and a group of friends in to serve as players in her game. In that time, she’s found that she loves that it’s a social way to tell stories with friends and using D&D to grow her network of friends – which range all around the US from playing at many conventions and serving as an author in seasons 5 (DDAL5-02 The Black Road) and 8 (8-10 The Skull Square Murders) of the Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer’s League organized play system. She has also authored other D&D adventures, including Encounters on the Savage Seas III.

Paige has been featured on Ars Technica, Variety, and Screen Rant.

Outside of D&D, Paige works as a marine biologist and spends her time playing cooperative Fortnite, moderating the D&D 5th edition Facebook community, and co-hosting The Tome Show’s The Round Table podcast with Ginny Loveday.


The Players Behind the Characters

Joe HS

Joe Streeky

Joe got started playing D&D just like in Stranger Things – hanging out with his friends in the basement, traveling to faraway worlds full of adventure. He’s still enjoying the game 22 years later, and delights in how it brings people together to play off of each other and tell a story together.

When he’s not chucking dice, Joe works as a Software Engineering Manager. He spends his free time playing and discussing board games on The Ascent of Board Games podcast, learning about new technology, and meditating.

Ben HS

Ben Heisler

Ben started playing D&D in elementary school with neighbors whose college-age brother humored them with stories of adventure. Since then, he’s followed his love of telling interactive and communal stories to brief stints at game studios, and writing for both season 5 (5-02 The Black Road), season 8 (8-11 Poisoned Words), and many con-created content modules for the Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer’s League organized play system including Left Black & Blue: A Red War Adventure with Fenway Jones to benefit Jasper’s Game Day.

Ben has been featured on Kotaku, Polygon, and VG247.

When not playing, Ben practices sustainability communications for UPS. He spends his free time collaborating with others to write adventures, reading, and traveling.

Koda HS - resized

Mike Hanft

Mike started playing D&D in high school at his Friendly Neighborhood Game Store, but his passion for the game began in his childhood with the desire to play the same games as his older brother. 

Away from the game table, Mike teaches elementary school and spends his free time being a panelist with Joe on The Ascent of Board Games podcast and broadcasting on Twitch as Kodab, often accompanied by his 10-year-old German Shepherd Nami.

Andrew HS - Resized

Andrew Huang

Andrew has been playing D&D ever since his best friend and neighbor, Erik Hofmeister, got him into the game 30 years ago. He keeps coming back for the people and knowing that it is a world where anything is possible.

Away from the game table, Andrew works as a microbiologist and spends his free time with photography, running, and reading anything he can get his hands on.

Ron HS - Resized

Ron Franke

Ron has been playing D&D for 15 years and started off by inviting himself into a game he was curious about. In those years, he’s found that the things he enjoys about playing Dungeons and Dragons are hanging out with friends, kicking ass, and creating stories together.

Outside of D&D play, Ron works as a financial analyst and spends his free time following the competitive DOTA 2 scene, reading manga, and enjoying other games.

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