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Meet the Adventurers of Aglarond

Sylvio Donadieu
Satyr Bard of Eloquence
Played by Ben

Sylvio is a satyr who grew up among the faithful of Selune, one of the most celebrated pantheons in Aglarond. Abandoned at the doors of a country church as a babe, Sylvio grew up a student of the faith, though he carries little love for organized religion. At first opportunity, he left to explore the country. In doing so, he learned of the troubles facing Aglarond and the siren song of the Yuirwood that left him yearning to traverse the feywild. Unable to leave Aglaron in good conscience while Thay presents a serious threat, he joined the military and became a Forester.

Outside of his dedication to his country’s defense, Sylvio has a great passion for Aglarondian wine and traditional songs.

Victor Toussaint
Human Eldritch Knight
Played by Ron

Victor grew up on the west coast of Aglarond, part of a big family. He loved them, but they were a lot, so he got himself positioned on the eastern marches where he could have a more quiet existence. He was happily patrolling and honing his cartography skills when his squad got ambushed. He was brutally hit alongside his head by a mace. When he woke up, he had been out for a few days. Apparently, he had been touch and go, but a traveling magic user took it upon themselves to heal him with an odd procedure that replaced his missing teeth and crushed jaw with gleaming crystals. The healer moved on before Victor could get answers.

Attempts to heal the remaining extensive scars with more normal magics caused great pain and was apparent that that would cause his body to reject the crystals. During this time, Victor discovered that rather than a simple prosthesis, the crystals unlocked and augmented his magic. He decided to let the crystals remain and explore both the powers they granted and the mystery of who embedded them. He is also appreciative that someone used such powerful magic to heal him, and is trying to live a bit better in his new lease on life.

Water Genasi Seamount Druid
Played by Andrew

Mira Kuroshio grew up in a prosperous water genasi merchant family in Deltuntle, who had made their fortune importing goods from relatives in Akanul. She, however, harbored no interest whatsoever in commerce, leaving the family business to her younger siblings. Instead she spent much of her time sketching and studying the fauna of her native environment. 

This, of course, led to her career as a sea mount druid. She trained as a natural philosopher under prominent Eladrin druid Naivara Agrivar at the Guild Center for Druidics at Mordulkin, Chessenta. Her highly-cited dissertation was entitled “Factors that control mana breakdown in nearshore sediments”. She went on to a tenure track appointment at the Impiltur Academies, where she led a research group for several years until she became disillusioned with the toxic politics within her department. Mira took a position as a civilian primary investigator with the Aglarondian Tower of Naval Research, focusing on oceanic bioalchemy and marsh geomancy. One of her major projects is a megatransect, multi-year survey of mesoscale and microscale species diversity in Atumbel.

Elected Fellow of the Aglarondian Association for the Advancement of Science, Yuirwood Award of the International Society of Chemical Geomancy, Impiltur Academy Sigma Xi Best Faculty Paper Award, Journal of Marine Bioalchemy editorial advisory board, Proceedings of the Aglaronidian Academy of Druidics editor.

Lizardfolk Totem Barbarian
Played by Kodabgames

Rhass was hatched in the Chondalwood, southwest of Aglarond across the Inner Sea. His tribe, The  Tigersbane, have had a long-standing but uneasy truce with many of the other inhabitants of the Chondalwood to prevent human encroachment. But that treaty has slowly worn away with the inevitable arrival of more humans. Now the Tigersbane shamans are making efforts to learn and understand humans to prevent war that would assuredly result in the extinction of the tribe. Rhass was born with white scales and black tiger stripes which identified him as the first in the tribe’s next generation of shaman. Rhass chafed against this destiny and continued to hone his fighting and hunting skills until his 14th hatchday. After that he began his training under Elder Shaman Yosk. During this time he learned to commune with the spirits and developed a patronly relationship with the old shaman. Tragically, his training was cut short when Yosk passed away, however his dying wish was for Rhass to travel the realm and commune with each of the greater spirits of the elements. Nearly six months later, Rhass found himself in the Yuirwood of Aglarond. During his first attempt to commune with the spirits of the forest, Rhass was captured by a group of rangers. Rhass contemplated how he was going to escape and murder these men for shaming him so, when he noticed the spirits dancing around their leader, a man by the name of (Captain Perrin Alastrarra). Rhass buried his rage, and parleyed with the man, striking a deal with him to faithfully serve the rangers for one years time in exchange he would teach Rhass what he knows about the spirits of the Yuirwood.  


Fire Genasi Evoker Wizard
Played by

Wildfire grew up on the rough streets Velpintalar using his wits and intelligence to make his way. He does not remember his parents (they both died he was very young), he never learned why and does not cair (just ask him). He was often at odds with the local law and one time too many he found at the wrong end of the guard’s cudgel. Then the remarkable thing happened, one day a well-dressed gentleman was making his way through the seeder part of Velpintalar and Wildfire made the not super bright idea picking the man pocket. As he reached into the man’s pocket he realized that the man was not where he seemed to be. The real position of the man was revealed and raised his staff to stop the young Wilfire and Wildfire unleashed some raw magic in his own defense. The man was surprised and Wildfire was able to make his escape. The wizard, by the name of Odium spent some time and found Wildfire and convinced him to study with Odium to learn magic. Wildfire will always be grateful to Odium for saving him. Wildfire studied with Odium for many years. When Odium passed on Wildfire joined the Foresters. Wildfire mostly looks out for himself and his close friends, for everyone he does not give one flip about.

The DM

Paige HS - Resized

Paige Leitman

Paige has been playing D&D since 1982 and started the game by drawing in her younger brother and a group of friends in to serve as players in her game. In that time, she’s found that she loves that it’s a social way to tell stories with friends and using D&D to grow her network of friends – which range all around the US from playing at many conventions and serving as an author in seasons 5 (5-02 The Black Road), 8 (8-10 The Skull Square Murders), and 9 (9-17 In the Hand) of the Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer’s League organized play system. She has also authored other D&D adventures, including Encounters on the Savage Seas III and won a Silver ENnies medal for her work in Uncaged Volume 3.

Paige has been featured on Ars Technica, Variety, and Screen Rant.

Outside of D&D, Paige works as a marine biologist and spends her time playing video games, board games, and co-hosting The Tome Show’s The Round Table podcast with Ginny Loveday.

The Players Behind the Characters

Joe HS

Joe Streeky

Joe got started playing D&D just like in Stranger Things – hanging out with his friends in the basement, traveling to faraway worlds full of adventure. He’s still enjoying the game 22 years later, and delights in how it brings people together to play off of each other and tell a story together.

When he’s not chucking dice, Joe works as a Software Engineering Manager. He spends his free time playing and discussing board games on The Ascent of Board Games podcast, learning about new technology, and meditating.

Ben HS

Ben Heisler

Ben started playing D&D in elementary school with neighbors whose college-age brother humored them with stories of adventure. Since then, he’s followed his love of telling interactive and communal stories to brief stints at game studios, and writing for season 5 (5-02 The Black Road), season 8 (8-11 Poisoned Words), season 9 (9-17 In the Hand) and many con-created content modules for the Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer’s League organized play system including Left Black & Blue: A Red War Adventure with Fenway Jones to benefit Jasper’s Game Day. His adventure Smothering Tithe appears in Eat the Rich Volume 1.

Ben has been featured on Kotaku, Polygon, and VG247.

Ben practices sustainability communications for spends his free time collaborating with others to write adventures, reading, and traveling.

Koda HS - resized


KodabGames started playing D&D in high school at his Friendly Neighborhood Game Store, but his passion for the game began in his childhood with the desire to play the same games as his older brother. 

Away from the game table, you can find him as a panelist with Joe on The Ascent of Board Games podcast and broadcasting on Twitch as KodabGames, often accompanied by his German Shepherd Samus.

Andrew HS - Resized

Andrew Huang

Andrew has been playing D&D ever since his best friend and neighbor, Erik Hofmeister, got him into the game 30 years ago. He keeps coming back for the people and knowing that it is a world where anything is possible.

Away from the game table, Andrew works as a microbiologist and spends his free time with photography, running, and reading anything he can get his hands on.

Ron HS - Resized

Ron Franke

Ron has been playing D&D for 15 years and started off by inviting himself into a game he was curious about. In those years, he’s found that the things he enjoys about playing Dungeons and Dragons are hanging out with friends, kicking ass, and creating stories together.

Outside of D&D play, Ron works as a financial analyst and spends his free time following the competitive DOTA 2 scene, reading manga, and enjoying other games.

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