Behind the Scenes: Audio Technica

Every week, we bring you a new episode of exciting Dungeons & Dragons actual play directly to your podcast service of choice – but how do we record, and what equipment do we use? 


Each session, Ben sets out the gear: a Behringer U-PHORIA UMC1820 multi-channel mixer that allows us to capture each player in their own (and overlapping a little in others) audio stream for editing. We use Amazon XLR audio cables to connect the mixer to the microphones.


Each player uses a Sony electret condenser microphone (ECM)-66B to record on. These short range lavalier microphones are great for catching the voice of the player with a bit of the ambient sound. The audio is clean to pick up the individual player to make editing clearer.


Paige records on a Shure SM35 headset microphone. After a lot of episodes of her wild gesticulating DM style leading to audio pops and rubs against clothing, we switched to a headset around episode 25. If you notice a change in Paige’s clarity from then on, you’ve got sharp ears.


All of that flows into Audacity running on a laptop. After the session, we finalize the files and share them on Google drive. From there, Andrew, Ben, Mike, and Ron all review and edit episodes for clarity and content, then Joe adds music and finalizes before we post them for your listening pleasure each Monday!


Is everything coming through clear? If not, let us know as a comment here or on
@featsandfables on Twitter!

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