Behind the Scenes: This is How We Roll

At every D&D game table, you’ll find a variety of dice – and Feats and Fables is no different! But what are each of the players rolling every time DM Paige calls for a check?

For Joe, who plays Corbin, he uses a set of Chessex Vortex plastic dice in the show’s colors – purple and gold.

When it comes to Manny the Mauler’s player, Mike, it’s a set of red plastic dice. While red perfectly captures the Manny’s manic nature, Mike says he just likes the color. He’s recently supplemented it with a set of Chessex Vortex for when he rolls with (dis)advantage.

Andrew uses two sets: one purple and another yellow. The purple set (the Chessex Vortex like Joe uses) is his go to, but when it’s time for advantage or a critical hit, the yellow ones come out. Past that, he’s got a variety of Kraken and other dice in case he needs them.

Joe, Mike, and Andrew roll in felt-lined boxes created for the Geek Chic Vizier table we play on.

Ron’s dice have to match. He’s no particular on plastic versus metal or stone, but the colors can’t mix. “It’s like Ghostbusters – you can’t cross the streams,” he says. For him, the sound of dice rolling across the wooden table is golden – even if they end up rolling into minis or all the way across the table.

Ben is picky about his dice. For Feats & Fables, he relies on two sets of snowflake obsidian stone dice from Level Up Dice. “I got these specifically for Khafra – the spots in the obsidian go well with the spots on Khafra. They haven’t let me down yet!”

Behind the screen, Paige uses a mixed set of dice to torment the players. The mixed bag has dice from Chessex, Kraken Dice, and some small batch sets from Etsy. They all coordinate purple or some shade of purple. “When it comes to dice, they have to be VERY readable. I used to be very picky about full sets but dice go missing so now I just put enough dice of each type in my bag but SPECIFICALLY not full sets!” To roll on, she uses a collapsible tray from Elderwood Academy.

What do you roll with? Do you have specific dice rituals or rules? Let us know in the comments, or on @featsandfables on Twitter!

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